What First Place Can Do For You



We transform your audio or video into a typed document.  We can even record your streaming web content and save you a step!  Standard transcription is delivered "clean," which means we eliminate stutters, stammers, filler words, and make sure the language flows beautifully by editing grammar where necessary.  

Verbatim Transcription

Common in legal, academic and research environments, verbatim is transcription that can include every utterance on the recording, word-for-word, with no edits. Nonverbal sounds like "um" and "uh," stutters, false starts and ambient interruptions (such as ringing phones) can all be included. 

We can customize the level of detail in your transcript to give you exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Panel Discussions/Focus Groups/Meetings

Three or more speakers?  No problem!  We can follow the group discussion and create your written document.  Imagine creating meeting minutes and action points from a detailed transcript, or having insights from a conference presentation ready to send on to staff or clients! 

Spanish Transcription and Translation

Spanish-to-Spanish language transcription is available in standard or verbatim. Spanish translation is available with or without Spanish transcription. 

International English and Accents

First Place transcription service professionals are experts in language, which includes accents.  We serve worldwide clients, and have extensive experience with the nuance of International English variations.  We can create your transcript in British English, for example, or accurately document hard-to-understand speakers from other parts of the world. 

Rush Services

On a tight deadline?  Rush projects are welcomed!  Expedited (under 24-hour, one-day, two-day, and three-day) turnaround is available, plus weekend delivery options to help your business stay on track.